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Western Michigan University is seeking qualified candidates to join their flight instructional team. Instructors are responsible for teaching courses in an FAR Part 141 and Part 61 environment including but not limited to private, commercial, instrument, multi-engine and flight instructor courses.

Instructor pay is based on hourly instructional pay rates of: 

  • $18/hour for intern

(0 – 350 hours dual given at WMU);

  • $24/ hour for regular

(350+ hours dual given at WMU and having the instrument instructor rating);

  • $15/hour for non-instructional duties.


Minimum qualifications include commercial SEL pilot certificate and single engine airplane flight instructor certificate and the instrument flight instructor knowledge exam passed. Serious candidates will have their instrument instructor rating. 

The training fleet includes state-of-the-art, Cirrus SR20, PA-28R-200, PA-44-180, PA-18 Amphibian and an American Champion Super Decathlon (37 aircraft total) along with industry leading simulation.


Western Michigan University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.



College of Aviation

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Email:       Thomas Grossman

Chief Flight Instructor



Apply with cover letter and resume via email to: