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Scholarship: Women in Aviation


2016 Scholarships

Scholarships for 2016 are now available. As more scholarship listings are received, they will be added to the web site, so check for updates. Check back often as new scholarships are added regularly. New scholarships are marked with a Just Added tag.

Scholarship Offered for 2016
Scholarship Application Guidelines (very important)
Frequently Asked Questions About WAI Scholarships
Scholarship Application (pdf)
Become a member of Women in Aviation

It'll be music to your ears when your name is announced as a 2016 WAI scholarship winner in Nashville, Tennessee, March 10-12, 2016! Our generous donors and sponsors have offered up more than 98 incredible scholarships totaling more than $480,000 so far for 2016.

Scholarship awards are a major benefit of membership in Women in Aviation, International. In the past 26 years WAI has disbursed millions of dollars to its members to help them get ahead and advance into the aviation and aerospace careers they have always dreamed about. There is an award for nearly everyone here, from the college student to the woman or man returning to the workforce, from managers and dispatchers to pilots, engineers, technicians and mechanics.

We could not bring these scholarships to you without the assistance of our generous sponsors and corporate members, so please remember as you fill out your applications that they are the reasons why we can offer these incredible opportunities. To apply, you must be a member of Women in Aviation International prior to November 2, 2015, and that membership must remain current through March 2016. You can join online at Current members: you can verify your membership status at any time by logging into the members only section of, or calling 937-839-4647.

You can download the official scholarship application form though, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or later to view it. You can also e-mail us at to have an application sent to you.

All scholarships, unless otherwise noted, will be awarded during the 27th annual International Women in Aviation Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, March 10-12, 2016. Applications must be signed and postmarked by November 16, 2015.

Please Note:
The applicant understands and accepts that WAI has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any scholarship awards other than those specifically identified as WAI scholarships.

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)


The NBAA Charities scholarship program, generously supported by NBAA Member donors, offers nearly $100,000 annually in cash awards as tuition reimbursement for enrolled students and nearly the same amount in monetary and training awards for working professionals in business aviation, including pilots, maintenance professionals, schedulers, dispatchers, flight attendants and flight technicians. 

Individuals who have received NBAA Charities scholarships have gone on to even more successful careers in business aviation. “It’s very rewarding to see where these professionals have started and where they are today,” says NBAA Director, Professional Development Jay Evans, who coordinates the scholarships. “Helping one another in this industry is what a career in business aviation is all about.”

Take advantage of these offerings to ascend in your aviation career; apply for an NBAA Charities scholarship today.  There are approximately 14 scholarships available.

For a complete listing of scholarships and applications please click here.

Scholarship: The Ninety-Nines


The Ninety-Nines has a robust aviation scholarship program for women pilots and student pilots.  In 2014 the 99s and the 99s Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) awarded 57 scholarships, including 33 Fly Now Scholarships, 17 AEMSF Advanced Training Scholarships, 3 Academic Scholarships, 1 Vicki Cruse Emergency Training Maneuver Scholarship, 1 Women Soar Scholarship, 1 Research Scholarship and 1 Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship.  Many of our scholarship opportunities will be interest to students enrolled in your aviation program.  I hope you or the person responsible for communicating financial aid opportunities will share this information with your students.

Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship.  

The Ninety-Nines and EAA will award a $3,000 Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship to provide a young woman (age 16-20 at any time during 2015 calendar year) who wants to learn to fly or has just begun flight training with financial support for flight training through her first solo and beyond.  The application should include the name, address, email, cell phone, birthdate of the applicant along with a 500 word essay describing why the candidate wants to learn to fly, how she will apply her training, and her goals for the future.  Proof of financial need is not required.  Applications must be submitted by email by July 7, 2015 to  The scholarship will be awarded during the WomenVenture activities at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.  The winner will be expected to provide a 400-1000 word essay to the scholarship committee at after her solo, sharing her training experiences and goals she has met.   The scholarship is funded by the Ninety-Nines Inc. with support from the Ventura County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines and a grant from the 2014 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant Competition. The scholarship funds must be used by Sept 1, 2016.  

99s Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund  The Ninety-Nines Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (AEMSF) is a $6 million trust fund dedicated to providing scholarship assistance to women pilots, student pilots and women interested in aviation.  

Fly Now Scholarships:   Fly Now Scholarships are awarded semiannually to women who want to learn to fly.   Applications for the 2015 Fly Now fall scholarships will be available in August 2015.   Applicants will need to join the 99s as an Associate (student) member to submit an application.

Advanced Flight Training Scholarships:  The AEMSF also offers fully paid scholarships to complete an additional pilot certificate, rating or pilot training course, including instrument, multi-engine, commercial, ATP, flight instructor, emergency maneuver training and all kinds of type ratings.  What is unique about these scholarships is that they cover the full cost of the training.  Most of the scholarships in this group require prior membership in the 99s.  Additional information about these scholarships can be found at   The Fund also offers scholarships for college students majoring in aviation-related fields.

I hope you will consider letting the 99s help your students achieve their aviation dreams.

2015 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant Competition:  The 99s are one of 12 aviation nonprofit finalists in the annual Lightspeed Aviation Grant Competition.   Lightspeed will award grants of up to $10,000 to the finalists receiving the highest Internet vote tallies.  I am once again managing the vote campaign and would like to enlist the support (and votes) of your students and staff.  Please vote for us at  The grant winners will be announced at the Palm Springs Aviation Expo on October 15. With votes from aviation enthusiasts, the aviation community, our members and friends,  the 99s hope to win the 2015 grant competition and use the Lightspeed grant to increase our outreach and presence at regional aviation events and publicize and award another Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship at Oshkosh.

Scholarship: Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP)


OBAP is dedicated to supporting increased interest and placement in aviation and aerospace careers.

Scholarships are an invaluable opportunity to further training and education in STEM related programs and offset the incremental expenses. We graciously thank our partners for recognizing the value of investing in the future of aviation.

Further information regarding the specific scholarship opportunity, minimum qualifications, and deadlines can be found by visiting each scholarship page. Unless otherwise noted, all scholarships applications must be submitted by June 14, 2015.

Please continue to visit OBAP’s Scholarship page for more opportunities to come.  The scholarship page can be found by clicking here.

Scholarship: ISTAT Foundation


The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Foundation is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for the 2015-2016 Scholarship Program. The ISTAT Foundation fosters interest and creates opportunities in the global aviation community by providing grants, scholarships, internships and humanitarian aid worldwide. 

The ISTAT Foundation is actively engaged in helping young people develop potential careers in aviation by offering scholarships up to $10,000 for the benefit of college-level students who are academically qualified and are in need of financial support to complete their studies and will be a student in calendar years 2015-2016. The program is administered by the Scholarship Committee of the ISTAT Foundation Board of Trustees in cooperation with accredited educational institutions that recommend qualified students.

Candidates must be submitted by an institutional administrator or department head of the student's major field of study. Each university is invited to submit only one (1) candidate (unless requested otherwise). The application is to be completed by the student with assistance from institutional administrators. Each university is invited to submit only one (1) application. Also, all ISTAT scholarship funds awarded to any student will be sent directly to the university from ISTAT on the student's behalf and are to be used only for tuition expenses for the 2015-2016 school year. In the event that the ISTAT scholarship funds cannot be fully used for tuition expenses, any excess amounts are to be returned to ISTAT.  

Please have the following items ready prior to beginning the application process:

  • Resume/CV of the student
  • Personal letter from the student should describe 
    1. professional goals, 
    2. reasons for applying, 
    3. activities demonstrating leadership abilities, and  
    4. a description of financial need
  • A completed on-line Financial Aid Application (must be completely filled out with a University Financial Aid Adviser)
  • Two (2) PDF copies of letters of recommendation from student's employers or faculty members
  • A PDF copy of student's official transcripts

Please note: Before starting your online application process, make sure you have all the above required documents ready and in electronic format (Scanned, PDF or Word file format), as you will not be able to access your applications once they are saved in the system. All documents are required in order to complete and submit your final application. 

All scholarship recipients will be notified in June 2015 regarding the status of their application.  If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact ISTAT Foundation headquarters in Chicago, IL USA at with messages for the attention of Ms. Megan King, Foundation Coordinator; or by telephone at +1.312.673.5910.

To start your on-line application please click the "Scholarship Application" button above. Once you have filled out all the required application inputs and push the "Save" button (top right on the application form page), your application will be automatically sent to the ISTAT Scholarship committee and you and your institutional advisors will receive a confirmation email in your in-box.

Once you have filled out the Scholarship Application and saved it, you will then need to fill out a Financial Aid form. The Financial Aid form is now an on-line application. Please click the ""Financial Aid Application" button above to access this form. Please fully fill out the application with your university financial aid adviser. Once the form has been filled out and saved, an automated email will be sent to the Financial Aid adviser who will then need to send back to the person listed in the email a confirmation response stating that they did in fact submit the application on the student's behalf. If the adviser does not receive an automated email response, please contact ISTAT immediately. If a confirmation response email is not received from the university financial adviser, the student's scholarship application will not be accepted by ISTAT. 

Finally, you can easily review either application form at any time by clicking on either the "Scholarship Application" or "Financial Aid Applicationgreen buttons and reviewing/printing the blank application screen (we highly recommend this before filling out the form so that you are prepared). You can exit out of the application form at any time by clicking on the "Home" button at the top left of the screen, or the "Cancel" button at the top right. Your application will only be saved in the ISTAT system once you have filled out all the required inputs and click on the "Save" button at the top right of the screen.

Information and applications can be found by clicking here.  The application deadline has been extended until May 8, 2015.

Scholarship: The Wingman Foundation


The Wingman Foundation is offering a $5,000 scholarship for this fall to the applicant who can demonstrate commitment to educational excellence at an institution of higher learning.

Applicants will review the following prompt and submit their essay in either written or video format.  



  • Written essay (max 750 words)   OR  video essay (max 5 minutes).
  • Online application form
  • Digital files emailed to

Deadline is July 1, 2015 


  • Navy/Marine Corps veterans who have served in the aviation community.

o    May include support MOS attached to aviation units.

  • Surviving spouses and children of said veterans who have died in the line of duty.
  • Eligible candidates must be pursuing a degree as a part-time or full-time student for the following:

o    Undergraduate degree

o    Graduate or post-graduate degree

o    Technical degrees or training at a VA-certified institution

o    At a public or private, U.S.-based accredited institution


  • Record of military service and/or community impact.
  • Desire to continue to serve others and make a positive impact on your community.
  • Compelling, thoughtful, and genuine essay response.

We are seeking inspired, ambitious, and passionate community leaders who are dedicated to giving back to the community.  Grant winners will be required to plan, coordinate, and launch one community event with the support of The Wingman Foundation during the academic year of the grant. 


  • Documentation of military service and/or community impact as a military spouse or child. All discharged service members will be required to provide their DD-214 (SSN retracted). 
  • Résumé including education, work, public service history, and awards earned.
  • Well-thought out and articulate essay response with particular attention given to military and public service motivation and experiences or educational, career, and service ambitions.
  • Two character recommendations from direct supervisors, teachers, or applicable leaders that can speak to the candidate's experience and future potential (non-family member).
  • Online form submission

Please include all application documentation in a .zip or .pdf file and email to:  The deadline for a completed application package is July 1, 2015. 

Scholarship: Massachusetts Business Aviation Association




The Massachusetts Business Aviation Association Scholarship is open to Massachusetts residents enrolled in second year or beyond at an accredited college, university or FAA Aviation School in the United States who are studying aviation-related curricula to pursue a career in aviation. The scholarship award will not be needs based. Preference may be given to applicants with a demonstrated record of community service. Special consideration will be given to those students with current or previous military and/or community service.

This scholarship may be used for tuition, books and fees and flight training costs. Scholarship will be paid directly to the institution.

Average number of scholarships: 3

Scholarship Tiers: Tier 1: $3,500. Tier 2: $2,500. Tier 3: $2,000.

Checklist for the Massachusetts Business Aviation Association Scholarship:

• Massachusetts Business Aviation Association Scholarship Application

• Personal Essay: Why aviation and what role do you see yourself playing within the aviation community within the next ten years. (minimum 500/ maximum 1000 words in double space times new roman 12 point font)

• Two letters of recommendation on official letterhead written within the last six months preferably from an aviation related professional and/or professor.

Applications can be found by clicking here.

Scholarship: MBAA


Michigan Business Aviation Association (MBAA) 2015 Scholarships

How to apply:  Aviation students attending college, university or aviation oriented technical schools in the State of Michigan submit an application (see below) for one or more FPM-MBAA Aviation Scholarships. Candidate eligibility and application requirements are included in the application form.  Submit your application package no later than April 10, 2015 for a 2015 award.

The scholarships consist of the following:

  • FPMF - MBAA Avionics Training Awards – Two (2) Pro Line 4 or 21 Computer Based Training (CBT) courses donated by Rockwell Collins  Select from a variety of courses offered to pilots or mechanics in support of the functionality of the Pro Line 4 or 21 instrumentation. 
  • MBAA Cash Awards - One (1) $1,000 (minimum) cash award offered to students enrolled in Aviation Management, Flight or Maintenance courses at colleges, universities or technical schools in Michigan.  
  • FPMF Cash Awards – Three to four cash awards at values ranging from $2,000 - $5,000 offered to students enrolled in Aviation Management, Flight or Maintenance courses at colleges, universities or technical schools in Michigan. 
  • FPMF - MBAA Flight Training Awards – Two (2) Cessna Citation Co-Pilot Initial  Training Courses, donated by FlightSafety InternationalThis is a two week aircraft specific pilot training course held at the FlightSafety Learning Center in San Antonio, Texas.  A cash stipend to the recipient of this award may be included to help offset a portion of the cost of travel, meal and lodging expenses.  
  • MBAA Maintenance Training Award - One (1) King Air BE-200 Initial Maintenance Training Course donated by CAE SimuFlite.  This is a 12-day aircraft specific maintenance training course held at the CAE SimuFlite Training Facility in Dallas, Texas. MBAA may also donate a cash stipend to the recipient of this award to help offset a portion of the cost of travel, meal and lodging expenses.  
  • MBAA Aircare FACTS Training Award - One (1) Aircare FACTS Training Course donated by the Aircare Solutions Group. This is a three day flight crew emergency procedures training course conducted at one of the Aircare FACTS training facilities located throughout the United States.  MBAA may also donate a cash stipend to the recipient of this award to help offset a portion of the cost of travel, meal and lodging expenses. 
  • Williams International Engine Training Award - Two (2) Engine Service Training Courses donated by Williams International. This is a five day Line Maintenance Training Course conducted at the Williams International Training Center in Walled Lake, Michigan.

Interested students are encouraged to consult the Award Descriptions & Scholarship Applications below for course details & application requirements and are welcome to contact Cheryl Bush at or Tara Paksi at with any questions.

Scholarship Details-

All application packages must be postmarked by Friday, April 10, 2015.  Applicants for all scholarship awards will be interviewed in person by representatives of FPMF and MBAA in mid to late May, 2015.  Announcement of the recipients will be made shortly after completion of the interviews.

(2015) FPMF - MBAA Scholarship Awards will be made at the 2015 MBAA Golf Outing on July 21, 2015.

Information can be found online by clicking here.

Scholarship: West Michigan Business Aviation Association



The West Michigan Business Aviation Association (WMBAA) was formed in 1980 to promote business aviation, safety in aircraft operations and to provide current information in our ever evolving industry. WMBAA member companies and departments combine resources to host numerous fund raising events throughout the year. Through these events, we strive to provide scholarship opportunities to aid in the development and training of future aviation professionals involved with corporate and general aviation within the West Michigan area. The WMBAA scholarship program distributes a Co-Pilot Initial Jet Training Course and two cash awards, with a combined value of approximately $20,000 each yearThe Donald Reininger Memorial Scholarship Award presents a minimum of two $3,000 cash awards and caters to flight science, aviation management and maintenance students. Whereas, the Co-Pilot Initial Jet Training Course applies to current flight students, with a senior status, or recent graduates that are currently employed within an aviation field and have achieved a Commercial Multi-Engine rating.

The training award has been generously donated by one of the industry’s best training facilities, FlightSafety International. The cash awards are donated by sponsors, WMBAA Members and participants in the annual WMBAA Golf Outing.

Students attending Western Michigan University or Northwestern Michigan College enrolled in a four-year aviation program, with plans to complete a curriculum leading to a degree and a career in business or corporate aviation, may apply. Eligibility and application requirements are listed on the application form. Students may submit their application via email to or by mail

West Michigan Business Aviation Association

Attn: Ken Maciejweski

5997 16th Avenue

Hudsonville, MI 49426

Application packages must be postmarked by April 10th, 2015 to be accepted.

Selected applicants will be interviewed by WMBAA board members in Grand Rapids, MI on a date to be determined in the first week of May. Tours of the Steelcase and Amway hangar along with lunch will be provided during the interview process.

2015 scholarship recipients will be notified soon after completion of the interviews. Recipients will present a photo and short biography to be included on the WMBAA website and Golf Outing brochures. Scholarships will be presented at dinner during the annual WMBAA Golf Outing on Friday, June 5, 2015 at the Thornapple Pointe Golf Course 4747 Champions Circle SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. While attending the golf outing scholarship recipients will network with over 85 leading aviation companies and 152 top executives.

On behalf of the WMBAA board and members, we look forward to reviewing your application.

Please click here for a printable copy of this years scholarship application.

Scholarship: Various


Top 100 Aviation and Flight Training Scholarships and Grants

This is a list of several scholarship opportunities available to students seeking aviation education.

You can see the complete list by clicking here.

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